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Join Our Pack

Step 1: Get in Touch! 
  1. Contact us here to let us know you're interested!

  2. Join us for a welcome session or pack meeting. When we get in touch, we'll let you know the best time to come check out our pack.

Step 2: Register Your Scout
  • New Scouts and New Adult Volunteers Only to register as a cub scout or adult volunteer:

    1. Register and pay council fees here

    2. We will contact you about paying your pack dues after you've registered

  • Accept your invite to Scoutbook (where you can track all of your scout's achievements) and Pack 311 Google Group emails

  • Acquire your uniform and scout handbook (details below)

Financial Assistance with Registration

As we continue through the rechartering/renewal process, we understand that some of our families are currently experiencing financial challenges. If you need financial assistance:

  1. Contact to talk more with our pack committee about financial assistance from the pack. We don’t want any family to miss out on the experience of scouting due to finances.

  2. Apply for financial assistance from the Council here.


What Annual Pack Fees Include:
  • BSA membership and insurance

  • Pack 311 T-Shirt (Class B uniform)

  • Awards (patches, pins, etc)

  • Pinewood Derby / Raingutter Regatta kits and awards

  • Expenses for supplies for all of our pack meetings and resources for our leaders

  • Subscription to Scout Life magazine

As you can imagine, operating costs usually run higher than the money we collect for registration. We will cover the deficit with our popcorn fundraiser that happens yearly.

What Annual Pack Fees Do Not Include:

At times our outings will come at an additional cost such as camping weekends, zoo trips, baseball games, etc.  We do our best to offer at least one no-cost event a month in addition to the pack and den meetings.

Cub Scout Uniform Info:
  • Before you buy anything:

    • Pack 311 keeps a legacy box of scouts old or previous rank gear. Please feel free to check here first! We try to have it available at all pack meetings. We also have this available at bridging where scouts move into their new gear and pass on their old, so feel free to give what you don’t and take what you need.

  • Valley Scout Shop:

    • Cub Scout apparel is available from the Valley Scout Shop located at 16525 Sherman Way Unit C-8 (rear door) in Van Nuys.

    • At the Scout Shop, they will help you find everything you need for your uniform. Information on patches for the standard Cub Scout uniform can be found in the Handbook.

  • Uniform colors:

    • Lions (Kindergarten) through Webelos (4th Grade) wear the navy uniforms

    • Arrow of Light (5th Grade) are in the tan and green uniform.

  • Applying patches to your shirt: 

    • Uniform shirts at the Valley Scout Shop can be purchased with the Western LA Council patch, American flag, and the World Crest already attached.

    • Ask for "Badge Magic" for attaching the rest of the patches as your scout earns them. This is quick and easy and works very well.

    • If you are handy with a needle and thread you can certainly use a more conventional method!

    • For a nominal fee, patches can be sewn on at the scout shop.

Pack 311 Uniform Shopping List:
  • Scout Uniform Shirt (also called "Class A uniform")

    • Tip: If your child is young, buy the shirt in a larger size and they can wear it all the way through 4th grade—you won’t have to replace or sew on patches again!

  • Patches

    • American Flag patch (you can purchase a shirt that includes this)

    • Western LA Council patch (you can purchase a shirt that includes this)

    • World Crest patch (you can purchase a shirt that includes this)

    • Pack 311 patches (need to purchase separately)

    • Den # patch (this can always be added later)

  • Hat for your current rank level

  • Neckerchief for current rank

  • Neckerchief slide (this can be homemade by the scout or purchased for their current rank)

  • Manual/workbook for your current rank

  • Navy shorts or pants for Lions through Webelos; olive green shorts or pants for for Arrow of Light

    • Tip: These do not need to be scout official, but are available at the scout shop for purchase (most pants convert to shorts and include cargo pockets)

  • Activity t-shirt

    • This will be provided to your scout (also referred to as their "Class B uniform")

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